The Secrets To Feeding Your Dog


The Secrets To Feeding Your Dog .

To see good health of your dog, you must give the right food ….

Buying a good dog food is a major investment in your dog’s ongoing
health. Quality food is expensive—$1 or $2 a pound—but cheap food is
also cheap from a nutritional standpoint. And it may even be more expensive
in the long run, because you have to feed your dog larger portions of a
cheap food to give him all the nutrients he needs. Better foods with better quality
ingredients require much smaller portions. The proof is in the
poop: Your dog’s stools should be well formed and darkish in color, which
indicates that his body is processing all the nutrients in the food. If your
dog’s stools are not well formed or are light in color, the dog is not properly
processing the food. This is often the case with inexpensive brands.

So it actually costs less in the long run to feed your dog a better-quality
food because you feed him less and, since he is digesting the food properly,
there is less, shall we say, yard maintenance.

Generally, the cheaper brands contain sugar to entice the dog to eat.
From time to time, I receive calls from people who say their dog is hyperactive.
Quite often, the problem is a combination of not enough exercise
and too much sugar. If you have children, you know that when you feed
your child Froot Loops, his energy level goes up. And hyperactive kids are
advised to avoid sugar altogether.

Switching to a high-quality food—the expensive brands that are not
available at the grocery store—will make a big difference in your dog’s
health and behavior. Ask your dog’s breeder and your veterinarian for recommendations.

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